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    Question Is Content Aggregation a Good Thing?
    I see a lot of sites with the RSS feeds of other sites, alongside of their own stuff. Is this good? Does the presence of the rss feed on my site help me with SERP. I know it can help the visitors find what they are looking for, but I would like them to look at my site too . Does a search engine perceive the constant RSS changes as changes on my site?


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    Couldn't say for sure, but that's a tactic many a MFA site has used to try and make their pages look constantly unique/updated. Having said that, and knowing how smart Google is, I'm wondering if they'll eventually mark down the importance of rss feeds on a page (if they ever figure out how to determine it is one).

    Aside from that though, having an RSS feed on your site still provides useful and new content to your visitors (regardless of how the SE's regard them), and is widely implemented.

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    RSS is great if you can offer information worthy of a subscription. I'm trying to offer everything I can in RSS just as an alternative for retrieval. It's not meant to replace the content, but to supplement it and retain loyalty from my visitors.

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    It depends. Three main points I can think of right off:

    1) Some RSS providers insist on having a link back to their site. And sometimes there'll be a link for every individual article. One or two might be okay despite that, but if you run too many with those terms, you'll have more leaks than a seive!

    2) You never know what they're going to say. If you incorporate one with a "real site" (one you actually care if it's there next year), make sure that you know what to expect from the source of the RSS. You don't want to accidentally get a feed whose articles are arguing the "wrong" opinion on some hot-button issue.

    3) I think there are some ways of showing RSS that aren't spiderable. So, for SE benefit, you need to make sure that their bots can even see it.

    For once I semi-agree with Snib: Probably better to offer a feed, than to run someone else's. Although, that leaves the issue of coming up with new stuff on a repeating schedule...which, I remember from the time I ran a newsletter, is something that gets j*b-like really fast.

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