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    Publisher Payments - Publisher VAT for Swedish affiliate!
    I wonder if anyone else then me have seen under "Current Balance (August, 2006)" so called Publisher Payments which includes Publisher VAT, 25 % of the last month Commissions. If someone have clue about what it's all about then give a quick answer plz.

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    Does Sweden have a high income tax rate, like 25%? Maybe CJ is moving toward a program in that country and is trying to look good to the government.

    Hope not; lousy precedent.

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    Yeah, Sweden have a 25% VAT called moms. Seems that CJ pay me for that and then I have to pay it back to the government

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    VAT is not a straighforward tax
    Quote Originally Posted by it2shoes
    Yeah, Sweden have a 25% VAT called moms. Seems that CJ pay me for that and then I have to pay it back to the government
    Well, VAT works both ways. You add VAT to most invoices, and you pay VAT on most costs (except salaries).

    Every month CJ sends you an ficticious "self-billing" invoice (that you COULD have sent them, but didn't) for the sales commissions you were entitled to. If you had been a consultant you could have charged by the hour; with CJ you charge a commission. There is no real difference from a taxation point of view, and a sales commission is subject to VAT. The VAT is added to the commission, it's on top of it and does not reduce your compensation in any way.

    Or to quote the CJ help system: "Publishers in EU countries where Commission Junction operates receive VAT in addition to their regular commissions to compensate for the additional commission taxes. Without these additional VAT amounts, publishers would be required to pay taxes on the amount of commission they receive from Commission Junction."

    Your company also has costs - computers, network, supplies, rent - that also are subject to VAT. For each month, you deduct the VAT you have paid from the VAT you have received. The remaining sum is the true Value Added Tax - the part of the VAT applicable to the value your company added in the process. This is the amount your company must pay to the tax authorities.

    But remember - you got this money from Commission Junction specifically for this purpose. Nobody took anything from you.

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