Hi all! I really want some feedback! No luck in the banner review board, so what do you all think??

Ok, I am an admitted newbie but I like to think I've done my research. I'm posting these questions to try and get some feedback from those with experience out there...

I know text links usually convert better than image ads, but let's get more specific...

What sizes do you like to use? I know what the standards are, but are there any ones in particular I should concentrate on for any reason?

What do you like better? Static images, animated gif's, flash banners?

How do you use text links? If I provided text links within some sort of informative article/content would that be helpful? Or do you prefer to write your own?

What about a banner that was updated regularly by the merchant? For example, do you like the idea of a banner that will always display a regularly updated "best promotion" as determined by the merchant? Or do you prefer to have more control over the offer you are showing on your site?

Thanks for all the feedback in advance! Communication is key right? I'm hoping that with some help I can build the best program I can.