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    Leaks and Other Non-Commissionable Sales
    Andy, you're a strong advocate of affiliate rights so I'm interested in hearing your view on merchants who sell products or services on their websites and/or re-direct the customer to other websites and/or offer telephone reps to take the order, any of which result in the affiliate receiving no commission from the sales generated by the customer that affiliate referred to the merchant.

    This has become such a widespread practice that it seems that it's now the exception when a merchant does not have leaks.

    It's time for the networks to lay some ground rules with their merchants similar to what they did three years ago for affiliates with their Codes of Conduct.

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    With the SE's entering into direct competition with the affiliates assuring merchnats get whacked with more cookied clicks you'd think the merchant AM's would nix leaks. If you can pay them for targeted traffic their showcase pages will disappear.
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