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    correct line 1 of CSV in place
    I have a series of CSV files that have a spurious comma at the end of line 1 of the file e.g.


    There are too many and theyare too big to make downloading, correcting on my PC and uploading again a sensible option as whilst my broadband is now up to over 2Mb download, the upload is trailing behind at 300k

    I thought I would write some PHP to generate a list of .csv files in the folder and then for each file, open it, read line 1 and then rewrite it without the trailing comma.

    However I can't seem to find a function in PHP that will do an update in place to write line 1 back.

    Does anyone know whether it is possible in PHP to do an update in place.

    I suspect if it is not possible in PHP then maybe it is possible in Perl but I have never really got to grips with Perl.

    The fallback is not to do the rewrite in place but to write each file out to a brand new copy with a corrected line 1 , but does seem like an inefficient way of going about things, but that might just be my old fashioned mainframe mindset.


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    Problem Solved !!
    Having slept on it I remembered that I had written a php script some time ago to read a csv file and generate SQL INSERT statements when I was having problems with my ISP and SQL LOAD FILE

    So I updated that with some extra processing after the fgetcsv for line 1 so that if the last name in the array from the fgetcsv was null I did a array_pop to remove it.

    As a bonus this code, that I forgot about, does not just do an insert for each line in the CSV file but saves each data line read and then builds a big insert with all the values accumulated, so that it runs pretty fast.

    I orginally wrote this as one of my ISP had quite a low size limit on SQL LOAD FILE statement but now glad that circumstances have made me review it.

    Now I have got a different problem as the datafeed column names have changed. Still that is a dead simple coding job of having a lookup table with replacement values

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