When I upgraded my main dev PC from WinME to XP a while back I never bothered re-installing PHP, but this week I needed Php for something. (Yeah I now I should have ditched WimME way back but there were issues at the time)

So I though I would be sensible and instead of using IIS I would swap to Apache, which would suit me better as all my sites are hosted with Apache and one is always exposed to case-sensiitivity issues if one develops a site on IIS and then migrates it to Apache.

So I downloaded the latest Apache 2.2.3

Apache went in ok but then the fun started, and I gave up trying to get it going with Php after a few hours, and from finding losts of posts on the web from people with similar issues which no-one seemed to have solved.

So this morning I uninstalled everything and installed WAMP(it packages Windows/Apache/Php/MySql into one simple install) and it went in a breeze.

So if you want to install Apache and PHP on Windows from scratch I strongly recommend having a look at WAMP - http://www.wampserver.com/en/download.php