Since we launched our affiliate program for our line of high-end specialty teas, we've signed up many affiliates. I let most of them through, based on some advice from this board - it's fairly clear though that 90% of these affiliate sites don't offer anything of value to Web visitors.

I'm not sure why, but between likely short-lived blackhat SE practices, content aggregation, and other bits of little or no value, I don't see many prospective affiliates who offer unique content of value to any particula demographic.

I'd love to get some suggestions on how to get some traction - looking for prospective buyers of our teas - they are generally those who have an appreciation for the finer things in live, and the means to enjoy them. We're not trying to align with other tea related sites, as our products aren't really in the same consumer class as most teas available for sale online.

Really appreciate any insight into this!

Btw - started running Arelis, many of the sites we contacted are more interested in link trading than being an affiliate. Not sure why, but it's a definite trend!