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    Danny Sullivan leaving Search Engine Watch
    Quite a shocker, he fathered it 10 years ago and no doubt there are innumerable people who he's helped in so many ways during all this time. Announced by rustybrick at Danny's forums

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    yup, it's a shocker alright. I read it this afternoon and was quite surprised. I've been following him, reading his blogs, particicpating in the forums etc for years. It's amazing how much the search industry has grown and changed and he has had a huge impact.

    I'm sure we haven't seen the las of his efforts.
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    The Call is coming from Inside the House!

    Danny and SEW just go together in my head. Like Apple and Steve Jobs. Microsoft and Gates.

    I wonder if this happening will bring everyone back to their senses about negotiations.

    Reminds me of Robert Mondavi Wines and Robert Mondavi. He sold it and now cant even use his name on the bottles of new wine. At least Danny didnt sell his name.

    Good Luck Danny if you read this. Whatever you do you made a difference and will make more.

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