On May 15th a new program will be going live.

This is my personal invitation for you to join.

It is a Networking Program and costs $25/month.

It has a 5x5 forced matrix. Which means that you can only have 5 people on your first level. Everything else spills over into your downline.

You need just 3 people in your downline to pay your monthly membership fee whether you personally sponsor them or not. You make about $1,500 month with just 155 people in
your group and about $9,000 per month if you can fill your matrix.

It was designed to make it possible for practically anyone to earn at least $1,500 per month online, NO MATTER where you live in the world.

The lead members are a who's who of marketing on the net.

Bravenet, Bannersgo MLM, BuildReferrals and 100+ more. In fact on May 15 over 10 million emails will be sent to the opt-in lists of the these members.

What do you get for your $25/month?

A Real Bank Account and a Real Debit Card that you can use at any ATM anywhere in the world. The bank account is at a major bank located in the southern hemisphere.

Plus, a whole host of other products and serices.

What we are building is a worldwide network of people who make money online, have access to those funds thru their debitcards and 'offshore bank account' and who then will have the money to buy products and services around the world with the money and debit card.

Now anyone in the world can get a bank account and a debit card simply by joining. With this Debit card money can be not only recived and spent, but sent as well.

I can't give you any more info or even tell you where to go look until May 15th. So if you are interested email me and I will see to it you get the info and have the
chance to get on the ground floor.

If your not interested, no problem. I will make money whether you join or not as I have over 80,000 in my Build Referrals group and have already filled my first level and have over 500,000 emails being sent out to benefit
my group on May 15th.

The purpose of Abestweb is to help each other make money in affiliate marketing...that is what this post is about.

You want the info send me the email. You don't have a great day.