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    Canonical domains and duplicate content
    Are and treated as two different websites ?

    what is a good way to restrict and redirect any body trying to access to

    Does google hate when we achieve this by mod rewrite in .htaccess?

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    I tried the mod rewrite in .htaccess earlier this year after reading another thread here in the Google forum. I believe Google liked it ( or didn't dislike it). Google ranking and traffic has gradually increased ever since. Of course, I've tried a few other things, too, since the Big Daddy update. Also, when exchange links, make sure the other site uses the correct URL, too.

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    It's definitely best to redirect one to the other. Using .htaccess to accomplish this is fine.

    Here's the thread where this was discussed:

    Redirect All Pages of non-www to www
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    .htaccess is the ticket for this, but this was one issue supposedly addressed by Big Daddy..or whatever that Google infrastructure change was called.

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    Thank you all !!

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