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    Datafeed Header Row
    Hi. I purchased WebMerge a few days ago and I'm just now starting to work with a datafeed for testing. I've downloaded 2 SAS datafeeds and neither one has a header row. How do I know which column is the SKU and what the other columns are? Some are difficult to determine.

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    SAS datafeed columns
    The columns for the upload file:

    "SKU","Name","URL to product","Price","Retail Price","URL to image","URL to thumbnail image","Commission","Category","SubCategory","Description","SearchTerms","Status","Your MerchantID", "Custom 1", "Custom 2", "Custom 3", "Custom 4", "Custom 5"

    Note that the download file is pipe-delimited, not comma-delimited as shown here.

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    You can copy and paste this line to the top of the datafeed.


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    Thanks, I knew these, but this copy+paste makes it quick/easy/handy. Thanks.

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