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    I am interested in enguaging in serious discussions with people in an effort to become rich. Ha Ha!

    I know there is a great potential at shareasale, but I have yet to find it. It seems that shareasale is a home for small sometimes undependable merchants and small affiliate webmasters. The system does not provide advanced tools necessary to be serious about making money.

    For example I have seen many merchants leave for shareasale, becuase it is cheaper. If the merchants main concern is cost, then that does not provide a quality base of merchants.

    I personally have made very little here but would like to see that change. My biggest grip is that if you have 100 merchants you have no idea when one is offline and they are offline often. This renders my sites useless and unproductive. For that reason I have shifted to other affiliate programs.

    Also the site seems to be built for the novice, oversized, java heavy and lacking substantial data. For example I can see clicks by month but not by day, unless I am missing something. This would indicate that not many affiliates have heavy day traffic.

    On the upside, the site makes getting datafeeds easy and the refering urls for sales is particularly helpful and something that cj does not have. Also, they do attract unique merchants that cannot afford to work with bigger companies.

    My problem is that I make thousands of dollars a month on cj and less than $100 a month on shareasale.

    I am hoping I can open a discussion with good ideas about maximizing potential of websites. I just put up 10 sites with shareasale datafeeds in the last day. I am hoping to expand that to 50 in the next week. I wont post the urls here, because there is a big notice on the page not to.

    I know there is potential here, but I see everyone saying they are not making money.

    Are there any people making money in this program? Are you interested in sharing ideas to make more?

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    I have made a lot of money here. I am just in an economic slump.
    Other than a few snags such as auto deposit issues and make a page feature repairs (which are issues currently being addressed) SAS is great. To me, it is more family user friendly oriented. This forum is a perfect example.

    You just have to find the right products to promote and hope your sites are ranked well in the search engines if you choose not to use Adwords or whatever.

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    SAS is great
    I think sas is great. But I have trouble making money with them and would like to change that.

    One big issue I see is that they use a javascript redirect. Anyone using blocking programs, disabling javascript, most versions of mac and most computers with popup blockers and virus software will never get to the page you want them on. This must be a huge loss of income.

    I might be wrong, and I would like to be.

    I would like to see the people who are making several thousand dollars a month "Profit" offer some ideas or perspective.

    The forum seems to be full of newbies and people wondering when they will get their first sale.

    I would like to work with people to create better sites and make more money. I have lots to offer but I need ideas.

    I am hoping this forum will open some new doors and give me some much needed ideas from a unique perspective.

    I think the entire ecomomy is in a slump. But there is still enough sales out there to make money.

    I think I have tapped out the potentail at and now I want to max out the potentail of sas. But if they have thousands of people downloading the same datafeed and advertising the same merchant, what chance do I have?

    Yet some of us are makeing good money. Maybe I have answers that someone is looking for, and maybe they have answers that I am looking for.

    Maybe we could build a brain trust for affiliate sites and clean up in this business.

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    Talking A few responses.
    Hey PageBuzz -

    You mentioned wanting to see clicks by day... you can see them by day in the weekly progress screen (at least on the merchant post-login interface). However, as a merchant I can't see them by affiliate unfortunately (unless looking at each affiliate's details 1 by 1) and I wish we could, but I work around it.

    As for maximizing potential and differentiating yourself from the masses using the exact same feeds, I have a bit of advice that I've shared MANY times with many affiliates over the time I've been working in this biz.

    I love data feeds myself, they make affiliate life much easier in some important ways. However, it's important to work on your own unique selling proposition... and often that comes in the form of content. Get creative!

    Develop content pages in conjunction with your datafeed sites to help grab your shoppers attention and give them some type of added value. Sure, you've got great products and fancy banners to catch their eye, but what will persuade your buyers to action?

    First, get to know your own target audience intimately, regardless of who your merchants are targeting. First identify - Who is YOUR audience?

    Next, identify how THEY want to be communicated to. And communicate to them as best you possibly can. Don't just post pictures of products with prices, TALK to your audience. Tell them what's great about your merchants. Tell them what makes your merchants different and better from THEIR competitors.

    Developing the USP is one of the hardest things any marketer often has to do, but one of the most important if not THE most important thing. So, if you've not done that already, shift focus that way and see how you do.

    And remember, the marketing world was built on trial and error. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and don't be afraid to try new things. And if those new things don't work out - remember, that's not THE FINAL FAILURE.. just keep on plugging away at trying new things until something sticks.

    As for merchants that go offline - many affiliates prefer to work with those merchants listed as "premier" merchants - those of us in that category are on auto-deposit so we NEVER go offline!

    Gotta run but best of luck to you!

    P.S. - I have some affiliates generating sales on a daily basis, and our average sale is about $100 or more (Fluctuates) and average commission is $35.99 (our high conversion rate is a bonus!). So, you do the math. If you can promote us effectively you'd be sure to make more than $100 a month!

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    Hi Liz - Thanks for the input. My problem with creating content is time. Like any person, if you spend time building something, you need to make it pay.

    If you build one page, it takes time. So that page focused on the product must make enough to justify the time spend on building it.

    My experience has been that merchants are volitile and close up as fast as the wind. So dedicating any time to a single merchant is generally prohibitive.

    For example I built a site that incorporates datafeeds from maybe 200 merchants. The site took more than a week to set up with servers extracting, resizing pics from merchant sites, indexing and catagorizing files.

    The site occupies almost 80gig of disk space and required over 40 hours of my time to set up.

    About 1 day after I set up the site I started getting merchants that were leaving the affiliate program. So after 40 hours of work I now had a site with thousands of dead links. I was so discusted I just left it and never finished the site.

    I just updated 10 sites for one merchant with 18,000 products and not 1 day later I got an e-mail that they were changing their format to asp and all the datafeeds needed to be updated. 20+ hours flushed down the toilet.

    I can take those hits, because I am used to it. But if I built a manually intense site around products and the products are discontinued I would be very upset.

    That would be fine if the pages delivered thousands of sales, but you know that is not normally the case.

    Even in instances of sites I have with over 10,000 daily visitors the marketing potential for products is low. Datafeed based sites actually produce more because they are product specific. They are also less time consuming to build, so the final profit ratio is much higher.

    The big coup is sites like this one. Forums with user contributed content. I have serveral of those and they do well. But they also require money to get started and constant marketing to stay active.

    As far as the daily stats, I am not a merchnat so I do not have that data. if anyone could point me to a place in the affiliate side that shows that I would be grateful. But I am not finding it.

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