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    I have DSL and Norton Personal Firewall and want to get some extra protection from hackers. But now I'm reading the next step up in security, a router, is the newest target for hackers.

    Am I going to gain some security by installing a router? Will it help thwart hackers who might otherwise penetrate my software firewall?

    If so, would a wireless router be just as secure as a wired one? Any recommendations on brands or costs of the wireless routers? I have a desktop PC and a laptop and would like to use the laptop throughout the house.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>If so, would a wireless router be just as secure as a wired one? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    no! it would be less so because the wireless uses radio-frequencies to communicate... and rumor has it that WEP - the encryption standard for wireless - has been broken. Then again, I use wireless and am in a densely-populated area, but I don't keep sensitive information on any of my systems. I don't think hackers are going to go the trouble to hack into a personal system that is protected - there isn't enough to gain by it.

    I switched from Norton to Zone Alarm and think it offers much better protection. If you get a "hardware" firewall to go with the software IMHO should be OK.

    Don't forget the importance of keeping your Virus software up-to-date because there are trojan horses that will change your firewall rules. Try not to use file-sharing on your computers ... if you *must* then don't share your C drive or Windows directory and anything you do share should be password-protected.


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    I've always looked at it this way...Would you rather have your point of failure at your PC, or away from your PC?

    I'd recommend getting at least a DSL/Cable Router, that puts one more layer of protection in.

    I'll bet there are some Tiger Direct Affiliates here that can recommend one for you.

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    We have many more to chose from. Buy from one of my affiliates hhere or better yet, become a Tiger affiliate, buy at a discount and make yourself some money...


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    LOL Andy - why didn't *I* think of that!

    I agree with Mr Unz - I wouldn't trust to just the software firewall, because there are viruses that can rewrite your firewall rules and leave a back door, but if you've got the software, and a hardware firewall - router, etc. - and follow some simple precautions you should be OK (for now).

    Still - if you are going to use wireless - you are taking a very real additional risk and need to be cautious. I think there is a way to use tunneling to make wireless more secure but I don't know much about it.

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