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    I heard about the affiliate marketing recently and I was very excited about this. I have started my affiliate through So far I made 2 sales in half a month and earned $9.67. My question is that can I earn enough to quit my daily job which bring home about $2000 a month in a reasonable time frame [1-4 years]? Thanks! if I made any gramatical error, please forgive me. Once again Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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    Yes, you can make $2000 a month in 1-4 years. Many, many factors influence that possibility.

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    Just want to encourage you to do the following:

    First, make it a habit to read, read, read. Whether ABW, etc..This should help you get accustomed to the industry and questions posed by others.

    I also encourage you to visit ARC forum and look into some of the Merchants we promote. Currently we are promoting a Coffee Merchant with one of the highest incentive in ARC history.... $5000.00...

    Finally, make friends and help others when possible. Haiko has done an excellent job with the ABW forum and I know it is going to be extremely beneficial.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to email me at

    To your success

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    Making over $2,000 per month inside of 4 years is achievable. As mentioned above many factors will influence that. However, hardwork and research will go a long way. If you don't have technical ability of your own, you many need that day job to pay for a graphics designer and search engine marketing specialist.

    The goal you've set is absolutely reasonable, and I know some people who do three times that much in a month. The fact that you've set what I consider a reasonable time frame, will only help you out. Most of the newbies launch a site and give up when they aren't millionaires in 6 months. Your approach is more realistic.

    Hope this post helps.

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    Thanks very much for the helpful infos. I am more confident to pursue my goals. I just want $2000 a month, which pay my bills, and beable to work from anywhere. This is my dream for so long. From Now, I will dedicate 20 hours per week. And read on as much I can on affiliate program and start some campaign on my own. I have start two website and and will work on it for about 3-4 months. Is there any more helpful tips, you guy can give this newbie, I will be very appriciated. Thanks for all of your help, Thanks for the wonderful website Haiko..

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