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    I have a fairly new content site - was a little late getting it into the search engines, but in the past couple of weeks, I've gotten the homepage listed in both Yahoo! and dmoz. At the moment I'm getting well over 1,000 PVs a day and rising. Seems like a nice start.

    'Course since it's a content site, the sales are lousy, even though I have many nicely targeted affiliates. I really would like to have the site pay for itself and make a profit, so I was thinking of creating a separate marketplace which would have the same base URL (it would probably be something like but would really be a different animal - different look, and completely sales-focused, with occasional, informational links to my (and perhaps others') content. I would promote this separately from my content site and it would have a different newsletter, which would primarily feature product picks with maybe a content link or two. Sort of as if my dreamy, creatively-oriented content site had a more aggressive sister who was a sales person. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Any suggestions on this idea? I'd love some examples of what works for you guys that have sites that sell, as far as look, whether text links work better than banners for this sort of an idea, etc. Marketing, too, of course (I've already seen some great suggestions on this board!), but at the moment I'm more focused on creating a site worth marketing and promoting first.

    The content site is All Spirit Fitness:
    All Spirit Fitness


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    For my gardening site, I have lots of things for sale.

    I just made pages that weren't linked to from the content area. The sales pages are just that--regular sales pages--and only the ones with a relation to gardening have any link back to the content part. That link is in font size 1 (default font) at the bottom. Despite its unobtrusiveness, I'd say that link gets about a 1% CTR...

    I also have a directory of some other related products but Google hasn't recognized its worth enough yet so I don't know how it'll go over...

    If you don't put a link from the content area, though, remember that you will have to generate linkpop to the new section seperately from the old. Without a link from the content area, the rank from the content part won't transfer even though it's on the same URL. So you'll have to get the PR seperately (spoken from one who had quite a few unindexed and low-ranked store pages until I figured this out!).

    As for having a "store section"/seperate directory, I've seen that work, too.

    Either way (separete pages or separate directory) should work well as long as you keep in mind that content viewers may look all day long at the store--but the REAL buyers will come from separate sources (usually people who type the name of the item they want into an SE). For the sake of selling, those content viewers might as well not be there... promote seperately and don't mention even having any content when promoting the Store! Otherwise, your ads--if you run any ads--will draw content-seekers instead of buyers...

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    Yes, that's pretty much what I'm planning to do - promote and market the sales department as if it were a separate entity even though it has the same root URL (I'd build traffic via the search engines the same way I've done with the content site - maybe be a bit more willing to go PPC, since I would expect to get a return on the money I was spending. And I would link to it from the content area, mainly to help it get crawled by the SEs, but not expecting to get buyers that way.). The only time I would even link back to the content site would be if there happened to be a review of the product on the content site, or information that might help the buyer make a more informed decision. Plus an unobtrusive bottom link, like the one you described.

    I'm basically hunting for ideas on how to put the sales department together so that it's accessible and buyer-friendly. So I'm mostly looking for suggestions in that direction, and hear what has worked for others.

    Being a writer, I love the people who come to my site to read my articles, but if I want to keep spending time writing for it, I need to find more buyers, not readers (that seems to be taking care of itself now)! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Go sign up with GoClick's affiliate program.

    Then post the pop-under on your page. Select
    the category fitness so it posts links to something people are interested in.

    You will be paid $2.50 per 1,000. So if you are getting 1,000 visitors per day you will make $75 or so per month.

    You also might want to putup a link to a page that has something like the fitness deal of the week - and then feature one of your merchants. find the four best converters and feature them one each week.

    Your site looks good and is easy to navigate.
    Good luck.

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    Actually I've already signed with goclick - you didn't notice the search box on the left above the Topics? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I put the pop under on a couple of my more well-traveled pages to see how it goes. So far I'm quite happy with them, but I'm still wary of putting anything that pops on my actual homepage - at least, when it comes to the content side of things. I think people almost expect at least one pop-up or under on a sales page and they don't mind as long as it's not an overwhelming load of them.

    The fitness deal of the week is a good idea. I already try to cover a product offered by an affiliate in my "Great Stuff" section - I could probably expand on the idea, and it would work even better on a marketplace site.

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