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    OOOPS just realized was an old POST, LOL GethsemeneRose's Avatar
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    Cool My First Check
    I would like to thank all of you here for all your valuable help. I came here from CafePress as a Store Owner a few months ago. Debbie was trying to explain leaks to me. You were (and still are) so helpful I decided to try my hand at Affiliate Marketing.

    I created a TERRIBLE one page Banner site and got lots of Feedback. I then made a slightly better Multiple page Banner site still not much better but I got some more feedback. I joined SAS and CJ and started to figure out CONTENT and SEO with all your help now today almost Exactly 4 months later I have recieved my first check it is from CJ and is for $28.10. I have some money in my SAS, Be Free and LinkShare Accounts that haven't cleared yet (and even Google adsense is doing well)

    For September I anticipate getting about $110 in checks including this one. Plus my Merchant check from CafePress. That is AMAZING to me. Yes I have busted my but and have probably put in over 500 hours worth of work (hmmm 20 cents an hour about the same as I was making in the navy as a recruit in 1985) but I see the Potential. Thanks all of You and God Bless you for all your help.
    :gnome: [URL][/URL] :gnome: As for me and my SITE we shall serve the LORD!

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    Congrats, GethsemeneRose

    Keep up the good work
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    Congratulations, Rose!

    Isn't it wonderful? First thought that came to mind, when I got my first one, was: "Time to quit my full-time job..."

    Glad I didn't, but also glad b/c it's not too far off now!

    Best of luck...I hope that doubles for your next one..

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    Congratulations, GethsemeneRose
    Hope you have many more to come

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    Gratz, G.R.!! I'm sure you'll be getting MANY more shortly!!


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    I loved reading this post!!!!

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    I loved reading it especially since GRose and I didn't exactly "hit it off" over at the CafePress message boards, hence his referring to me as a "CP Cop"... we had our differences and I said "dude, get over to ABW and see what it's all about". I love it when someone listens AND then goes on to accomplish what we set out for them to accomplish.

    It seems that when I am thinking that people "just don't get it" I get a thank you from the CP message board, or the Great Gear group or even just a random affiliate that I didn't think listened at all. I got a "soft place to land" (pillow - house warming gift ) from an affiliate that was in Florida that was grateful I gave her a ticket to Summit and even though she was OVERWHELMED, she appreciated the time I was able to spend with her explaining what it's all about. Both CafePress and affiliate marketing in general. Little things make my job worthwhile. That is why I love being an AM, making a difference, one affiliate at a time. (I know I am supposed to help "the masses" but I work best one affiliate at a time... )

    Keep dancing GRose, and keep making pages, that get better with time. And keep reading and learning HERE. Then stick around and share your learning with others. Someday you will look back at this thread and say "It wasn't easy but I did it, and so can the next guy and I can help".
    Deborah Carney

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