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    lost affiliate
    Hello all;

    Prehaps someone can answer this for me. I seem to have "lost" a few affiliates. What I mean is I keep an excel sheet of affiliates when they sign up. I noticied that my excel sheet had more affiliates than were listed in my SAS admin page.

    I checked and found 2 affiliates on my list that were no longer in my affiliate list in SAS.

    I send out newsletters and at the bottom they are told,

    " This is not a mass mailing, but a message
    directed only to you.

    If you do not wish to receive email from this Merchant,
    please remove yourself from their Affiliate Program."

    Ok if they remove themselves, which it appears these affiliates did, why am I, the affiliate manager, not informed? Is there anywhere to check to see which/how many affiliates have opted out?


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    I think giving the merchants a list or some automated notice that an affiliate left your program would be helpful to you. You could contact them and ask why? This would better your program.

    I just quit a program a few minutes ago. Reason: Went offline - Not on auto deposit - Chirstmas is coming and I refuse to babysit my merchants any longer.

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    Notice re: dropped affiliates
    I was surprised to hear this -- I had also assumed that I would receive a notice about any affiliates dropping from my program. Are the former affiliate's stats still included in any reports and graphs? (Assuming that there are any non-zero stats.)

    As an affiliate, I swept through and removed myself from several hundred merchant programs about a month ago, but I had never posted a single link for the vast majority of those programs, so I wasn't surprised that I never heard from managers of those programs.

    As an affiliate manager, I'd want to have a list of affiliates who dropped my program, and I'd probably contact some affiliates who dropped my program if they had generated traffic or if they were "good match" sites.

    I also think SaS should provide affiliates with a way to "opt out" of "less important" e-mailings, so affiliates have an intermediate choice short of quitting the program. If I am sending out an email every week to all affiliates, it's probably something that many of them won't care to read. On the other hand, if I am sending an email to advise a change in program terms, or a major change in my datafeed, opting out shouldn't be allowed.

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    No, they are not listed in my admin if they opt out.
    Each newsletter states that if they wish to not receive the newsletter they must remove themselves from the program. I would rather that they can opt-out of receiving the newsletter but not have to leave the program.

    SAS does not inform us when they do opt-out. I would love to have the list of those affiliates that chose to opt-out.

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