I may sell jewelryresults.com.

As you can see from the site, it includes a logo, the pricetapestry ($135) scripts, about $70 of custom coding and the domain.

The site was created around pricetapestry, but has been modified significantly to provide relevant results and a nice interface to users.

It is currently promoted via Google PPC - the user's search terms are plugged pretty much directly into the site to return merchant results. If you have the money, you could invest in a high traffic PPC campaign (precise keywords + adgroups also included in sale) or just add some content and enjoy organic traffic + commission.

IMO, the site's worth well over $200 (the amount invested in it), so I'm inviting bids over $150. Please PM me, or if you cannot, email me - harveycarpenter, at gmail dot com.

Any questions, just ask