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    Angry Linkshare not paying
    I have not been paid by Linkshare since May. I contacted their support, but they are not replying. My commissions have been paid by the merchant, but they are not sending my checks.

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    It sounds like there is a payment hold or payment threshold set on your account. The best way to resolve this issue is to contact our Customer Support, you can call them at 888-SHARE-89 ext. 644 or fill out the support form online

    -- You may have a payment threshold set. Log into your account, select "Your Account”, select "Update Profile", select a channel, scroll down to "Payment - Payment Threshold [optional]", change your threshold, and click update at bottom of the screen.

    -- Your account may have a hold because your email is not valid or has been caught in a spam filter. If this is the case, you will see the instructions to validate your address when you log into your account. You may also have a hold because a check was never cashed or lost in the mail. After 180 days checks are expired and a hold is placed on your account.


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