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    Functional Life Cycle
    So what do you guys think of it.

    Could mean faster paytimes in some cases if a transaction can be locked in 7 days. But I think it will be used more for 60 days thing than anything else.

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    Take off eh?
    Support for performance incentives will be offered in the future. We feel that the custom action lifecycle feature is so valuable that we wanted to get its benefits into the hands of our advertisers and publishers as soon as possible.
    This statement bugs me.
    It's like a ... we are so impressed with what we have done that even though it doesn't work with our existing system we are gonna make you use it and we'll figure out a way to get the bugs (read: existing features that we will lose) fixed later.

    It would seem to me that for merchants with performance incentives, this would be something they would want working and there are, last time I checked, a lot of them..

    That said, at least they are NOT forcing all merchants to use this at this time and the standard lifecycle is still available. Lesson learned?

    But I think it will be used more for 60 days thing than anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardwareGeek
    But I think it will be used more for 60 days thing than anything else.
    It would be similar if an advertiser setting the "Action Referral Period" (Cookie expire time) of just 1 day.

    Its ok, but you always will have the option for looking for other advertisers that have better deals.

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