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    Is it just me or do some of the Merchants need site reviews?

    I think I have seen like 15 lamo sites, just today! :eek:

    I think we should invite some of them here for value added input on how to sell more directly and with affiliates ... whatcha think?


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    It's only lame if it does not make sales.

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    The one site we are working on has given me the opportunity to go to many merchant sites over the past few weeks. Many of them are in bad shape. What gets me is when I go to their site, I'll look for a description in their meta tags to use in our directory...I've seen many commented -Description Goes Here-...and there are a ton of sites that don't use any meta tags at all. I guess that is a good thing since affiliates stand a better chance in coming up in searches before the merchant does [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Great idea Haiko

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    Here's an email I got from one of my merchants that I thought was being pretty honest. Clearly they went with the less-appealing design that had the higher conversions.
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    Dear affiliate,

    We recently redesigned our site and our
    conversion dropped by about 40% !

    Because of this we are going back to our old
    site because it converted at 6% like clockwork !

    The web is a strange place when it comes to
    sales and we have found that testing is key.
    We''ve also found that the best and most pretty
    looking sites can be terrible for sales.

    In case you want to see the different versions we
    tested here they are:

    I think we will stick with our original site but with a new pop up:

    We''ll keep testing the new designs and colors but
    until they test better then the original we won''t use
    them for now.

    FYI: Just to let you know the BBB has informed us that we have to have our 1-800 number displayed on our site in order to remain a member of their service and to run their logo on our site. We in no way are trying to take any sales away from affiliates if they visit the site then call us. We tell them to fill out the online form and
    submit it. If they came from a link from your site you will get credit for the lead.

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    Not that it matters but I don't think the new look was the problem with that merchant nearly as much as the use of a flash presentation. They should take the new design and loose the flash imo.

    merchant site reviews are probably more important than affiliate site reviews. Our job is to get buyers off of our sites and let them go with the idea of buying something.

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