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    new and need help with my afiliate sites
    hi there to all just stareted with online america group amonth ago and just paid and have an ad campaign going just wondering if anyone could help me out with this i have a lot of questions.
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    Moved from the Voting Booth (it's not a poll ) to Midnight Cafe.

    Welcome to ABW, lots of answers here if you look around and if you ask specific questions
    Deborah Carney

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    hi there im new and just getting in to promoting web sites for direct tv an dishnetwork through usoag just paid for advertising and just need some pointers and suggestions on really what i can do to help promote them and make money as i have invested 2000$ on my sites and advertising iam new so please have patience

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    try searching ABW for "usoag"...

    good luck.

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