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    CJ's blind eye toward Screensavers
    Danger: Screensavers Come With Strings Attached

    References to screensavers-dot-com.

    After doing a Google search with the [cartoon] character name and the word "screensaver" (precisely the way most families would look for a screensaver says Keats), McAfee determined that at least 50 percent of the sites listed on the first page of all of these search results were risky sites to visit. Topping the list as worst offender? Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, where 80 percent of the search returns included links to risky sites. The complete results are documented on the SiteAdvisor blog.

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    That's not a blind eye, in my opinion, but a greedy eye willing to foresake ethical affiliates (who make clean money for CJ) and willing to inflict financial damage on their merchants (who pay to get taken advantage of).

    Kellie's poked that eye with a sharp stick enough over the years, it may have gone blind in the process, but it could once see all.

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    Great read for all in the affiliate industry ... the good -the bad -the really ugly
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    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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