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    Earlier today I got an email from someone I didn't know, saying "whoever you are, I couldn't open the file you sent me"

    So I checked with the latest version of symantic's virus checker, and I was clean. Didn't worry about it.

    Just now I got this:

    ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has taken action on the message, please
    refer to the contents of this message for further details.

    Sender = EDIT
    Recipient(s) = EDIT
    Subject = A special excite game
    Scanning Time = 05/19/2002 21:20:48
    Engine/Pattern = 6.150-1001/285

    Action on message:
    The attachment rock.exe contained WORM_KLEZ.H virus. ScanMail has taken the
    Deleted action.

    Warning to sender. ScanMail has detected a virus in an email you sent.


    So now what? Is someone sending our a virus with my return address? Am I sending one even though I can't find it?

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    January 18th, 2005
    There is a virus going around that goes through people's browser cache and sends emails from one person to another on the same site in the cache. It seems successful on making people think their friend just sent them something.

    To add to the annoying factor, it will grab text off the pages and insert that as the title.

    What this means. You can be clean and have no virus, but others with the virus will be sending mail under your name to other people.

    It stinks. Here is a link to a page on it. I suggest keeping it handy if anyone emails you to complain


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