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    URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration
    Hi guys,

    I downloaded the Regnow PHP Template Download Datafeed but after making the necessary adjustments, I get the following error when opening the template.php (I renamed mine):

    Warning: fopen(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/content/m/n/s/mnsonline/html/regnow_datafeed/fs_php/core/system.php on line 254

    Warning: fopen( failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/content/m/n/s/mnsonline/html/regnow_datafeed/fs_php/core/system.php on line 254

    Could you please advice what could be causing this error message…? Here is the direct link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnsonline
    Warning: fopen(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/content/m/n/s/mnsonline/html/regnow_datafeed/fs_php/core/system.php on line 254
    Don't hold me to it, but I believe your host does not allow remote connections. In other words, contact your host and tell them what your wanting to do, and if they can set it up for you.
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    and whatever you do, think it over before you enable fopen (assuming you can) as it is usually turned off for a good reason.

    there may be a workaround for you with the use of curl, but I'm not a programmer and where it worked for me for a while with a very similar problem it now doesn't and I don't understand that.

    I've posted a bit of php using curl in the GoldenCAN forum telling where I was able to get around a server problem but as I say, there seems to be a problem with it now.

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    It is a security issue. I have sites at several different hosting companies and some have blocked remote file access. Curl works at one - but I don't expect that to last. I expect as time passes the majority of hosting companies will block URL file-access

    This one of the reasons I have started to use WebMerge. I'm not big enough for my own server so I am dependant upon several different host who can without notice make my dynamically feed site non-functional.

    Certainly is an impact on XML driven sites (:
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    I have one of my sites on bluehost and they allow remote datafeed connection.

    I have never had any problems with them so far.

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    I had that problem too. Here is how to fix it:

    Locate the php.ini and set allow_url_fopen to On

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    Simply upload the entire subdir - fs_php, it is required

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    Just change the url from absolute to a relative path on the fopen and that should take care of that. I had this problem with getimagesize().

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    I had the same problem at Dreamhost, you could not just "set allow_url_fopen to On" unfortunately. Their wiki shows how to do a curl version that works. Their other suggestion is to install your own version of php that has it enabled, great.

    I think local paths work too if it's a local file.

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