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    Quick question about images and tracking
    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone explain to me why when I go to get a text only link at CJ there is always an image source and tracking for an image listed as part of the code?

    I thought that when you were getting a link that would be text only that you wouldn't be using an image. I don't want to use an image for many of my links, but I'm worried that if I don't include that part of the code that CJ gives you, they won't properly track my sales.

    Am I missing something here? I'm just trying to understand why when I go to get HTML text only links, the code that is generated always seems to include a string that says etc, which links to an image. Why would we be forced to include an image when we're going for a text only link? I'd prefer to just use the html text link part of the code and to delete the string where the image is referenced.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice! I greatly appreciate it.


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    That is called a tracking pixel and it is used to track impressions for that link.
    If you remove it, you will not record impressions for that link.


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    And the merchants use it to see which of their links are getting the clicks

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    Thank you! I knew that image code string had to be important. Now I understand!

    I've been having a heckuva time getting links to work both at CJ and now at Linkshare. I put in all the appropriate code, test it in my browser, and all I'm getting is "page not displayed" errors. I've never had these problems with other affiliate links (I've worked with individual, non-network affiliate merchants up until now.)

    I'm wondering if there is something unique to the way these networks generate their images that my system isn't able to view? I've tried everything, disabled Norton and Spysweeper on my system, enabled Java, turned down security settings to low, etc, and I'm still having troubles getting 99% of the CJ links to go to the merchant's pages -- and now some Linkshare links aren't working in my browser either (they dont' take me to the merchant; they take me to a page not displayed error page.)

    Yet it's not 100% consistent. Some of the Linkshare and Shareasale links do work and take me to the proper page referenced in the link, no problem. One of my CJ links works fine right now, but none of the others will bring up a page at the merchant's sites.

    Are these problems normal within these network sites? Oy vey! I'm a webmaster with a writing/html background, not a programming background, but I didn't think I was this stupid! It's been bizarre finding that so much of the code provided in the get links areas with various merchants just doesn't seem to work.

    Thanks for listening to my rant! I feel like an affiliate doofus at this point. If all of the links weren't working, I'd assume it was a problem either with my system or with theirs. But when some of the links work but a lot of them don't, what's up with that? And a lot of CJ links simply stopped working for me during their recent "upgrade." So that probably explains part of it. I've checked back with the merchant pages and it's not like the merchants are indicating they've switched over to 100% java links or anything. The html links are still available for all my merchants. The links I've been having troubles with aren't working in either the java or the html versions.

    I thought I'd be safe switching some links out to Linkshare merchants, and here I'm having similar problems there. Maybe I'm just cursed!


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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmokid
    . The links I've been having troubles with aren't working in either the java or the html versions.
    I've been sticking to the HTML version. I've got multiple sites and I pretty much know where the links are so the pixel isn't that important to me.

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