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    Thought I had seen it here and for some reason can't locate.
    Don't like offering a non paying search page as it almost invites them to leave it. Looking for a decent pay per search affiliate program.
    If they are gonna leave my site I may as well get paid for them doing it.


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    Kanoodle has one that I think pays at least 2 or 3 cents a click and you have the option to add it to an account and use that account as a pay per click to your site. I dont know how much you would make but its an option! You can even integrate it into your site layout with an easy ssi tag you insert anywhere on your html search page so it has the feel of your site. My 2cents :cool:

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    How about integration of paid search results with existing search??

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    Does anyone on this board have a search engine site that is co-branded with one of the ppc engines? I see the epilot has a co-brand offer, but they want 100k page views/month minimum before you apply. Anyone know of any other co-brands? (I've seen SearchKing, but there's something fishy about that site that I can't quite figure out, so I've stayed away.)

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    401 I think they do integration with existing results too.. not sure... ...?

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    I have been running this program since 12/01

    They have paid me on time (net 30) every month.

    They will also pay via PayPal.

    I have been pulling down over over $500.00 per month since January.

    They will cobrand your results, totally php, I highly recommend this program.

    Here is the link for 123 Search Program

    You may direct any questions to me via PM.

    This is my drive by [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    PS- It's 50% Revenue Share! You can target big words in your text links and place the links all over your pages.

    Put search boxes everywhere and pre-populate the search blank with the words that match your content.

    Make as much as you want!

    Here are some examples of your potential:

    When searching for:
    1- Gambling top 2 positions are .55 & .54
    2- Dating top 2 are .21 & .21
    3- Computers top 2 are .16 & .10

    Now I just want to make one important point.

    You are paid 1/2 of every click you generate.

    You do not get paid per search.

    My average payout per click is 4.4 cents

    sign-up here

    (You can also mix their results with your own if you use an xml feed)

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