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    January 18th, 2006
    More than one LinkNext and LinkPrevious?
    All I want to do is have more than one link to the next and previous pages, lets say put links to the next 5 and previous 5 pages nothing fancy. I suppose I could make this part of my datafeed but that sounds like a pain. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

    WebMerge rocks

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    I accomplished this, as you suggest, by making it part of the datafeed -- basically, doing cut-and paste so that each row of data includes the necessary cross-link data for the next 1/2/3 products, and for the prior 1/2/3 products (depending on the site).

    I have some pages where I show the current product, and use just the regular next and previous for links.

    But I need to do some cut-and-paste data work in my spreadsheet for anything more: On several of my sites and sub-sites, I show the current product with the standard image, plus I show the "thumbnails, titles, and prices" for the prior and next products. On a couple of sites, I show the current product with a standard image, plus text-only links to the prior TWO products and the next TWO products.

    Beware: when you start to replicate the same product data across multiple pages (if you do CURRENT plus PRIOR 3 plus NEXT 3, then that product data will appear on 7 different pages, 6 of them in identical format), the search engines might be less friendly, may downgrade your entire site, and might have more difficulty in picking the "right" page to show for a search query.

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    Thanks for the help Mark!
    I guess that is my only option, the problem is I have a couple million products so copy and paste can be rather time consuming. It would be nice if the was a feature like LinkNext* with a variable.

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