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    Hi everyone! I am a newbie in using the internet and learned that you can actually make money online...just beware of the scams....hahaha...I come across with the FAQ carefully, then signed up in the hopes of making extra money online but actually dont know how? please help.

    I seen there the promote products in there...found out that I can actually make money by commission in promoting question is how??? can I promote this? advertise where? what to do? I dont have a website. I dont really have the foggest idea to go for this...please help...I am literraly dumb on this hahahha...

    I found a site dataentrycompany while searching...and looking from their FAQ, I learned that....correct me if I am wrong...that you will need to sign up Google Adwords, advertise the products from clickbank through Google Adwords and anyone who clicks your ad there, you pay $ per click. and if that anyone buy the products from your affiliate link in clickbank you will have % I correct with this? please help. If it not scary to advertise in adwords since you have to pay per click? what if you get sooo many clicks then these ppl never ever buy you lose.

    How can I actually make money through affiliate marketing? Is google adwords the only way to go for affiliate marketing? Are there any other way? please help. Every bit of info you say here is very helpful to me and will gladly be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    I am willing to learn and study.

    An Asian living in Canada

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    To a fellow Canuk, successfully promoting a product is the most difficult thing to do, I'm not sure google adwords is the most cost efective way. One thing I am sure of is AVOID like the plague all the Clickbank "advertising and traffic" products as most do nothing but make money for the seller and empty your pockets.

    Try starting a small niche site and then try to optimiz the pages to get picked up by the search engines an then either sell through an affiliate deal products similar to your site or host ads through Google Adsense and get paid when people click your link.

    There are alot of experts here who can probably give you better advice.

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    TotalCallGroup is 100% correct
    TotalCallGroup gave you the exact best advice.

    Follow that - to the letter.

    It will take a some time and effort, but so does all th wrong methods... which won't ever produce an income for you.,

    Warmest regards,


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    Best information
    You will often find that the best info is found in the forums, such as the one you are in. Don't spend $97 on another ebook by some "guru". I give away a guru"s ebook secrets on my own site for FREE.

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    For an CB affliate, he needs to have a website and promote the products through it. Whenever a purchase/sale is done, the commission will be automatically reflected in his account.

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