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    Using affiliate links on another site??

    I have 2 sites which sell some of the same products. The merchants I'm promoting include Amazon and I have been approved as an affiliate for both of these merchants on one of these sites, havn't applied yet for the other site.

    Does anyone know if I can use the affiliate links which I have setup on site 1 and use them on site 2. Presume they will track ok but is there any way that the merchant would know they came from site 2 and not pass on the commission.

    Does this depend on the merchants policy?

    Anyone have experience of this?



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    Yes, I think you can. With Amazon, I just would add in your second site under your profile, it'll still be the same link. With, I like getting links for my specific sites so I know what sites the sales are coming from. Never understood people not doing it that way. But they should track if you don't. But I would play it safe and just do it up right.

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    With Amazon you can just list your sites in your profile and the links are all the same id. I have a brand new site but wanted a different id just for that site. So if you email them, they can set that up for you. So when you login, you can choose what id you want to get links under.

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    Most merchants are flexible about the use of affiliate links across multiple domains and sites, but (as always) your best strategy is to review the official agreement AND probably email or submit a contact form to the affiliate manager.

    I've been running the same Amazon links across a dozen or more different web sites for years, and they track all the sales and keep paying me without complaint. (Indeed, when I mis-coded one of my links with an affiliate ID that had a typo, they actually set up an alias that would track those links and credit them to my correct affiliate account.)

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    I agree with Mark and Trust. We are happy to permit use of links on multiple sites, but we do want to know what sites. I Think Trust makes a good point regarding separate links for separate sites and Mark is safe in suggesting that the merchant is given a heads up.
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    Thanks all for your replys.

    Contacted and all I needed was to create a new PID on CJ and change link using link builder.

    AS you mention above, Amazon was also straight forward, just added the website name in the control panel. Will apply for a new tracking ID later.

    Have a few merachants on linkshare which I have to reapply to again with new site details. Am using links from site 1 until they approve me so hopefully they will honour any sales that will come from site 1 links.

    Thanks again


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