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    Question Do people really buy datafeed scripts for datafeeds?
    I was reading a blog somewhere about datafeeds and saw the various companies selling datafeed scripts.

    Why would someone buy a datafeed and not know how to use it? These feeds can be expensive.

    Or do folks look at these companies selling the scripts and decide to buy the scripts because it will parse the datafeeds? I mean they say, I don't have to worry about it because I can just buy the script.

    I'm no expert on it and I mean no disrespect, if you bought the scripts. I think it is a great product and/or service.

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    Some folks hear all about feeds and think it is the next gold rush so the buy all the tools not having a clue how to use them. It's the same with many things in life, including mining for gold.
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    I do not see anything wrong in buying such scripts. Most of the time they are more economical than hiring a programmer to put together a universal feed-importing piece of script or buying a software for it. So if I had a niche site fit for a very limited number of products, I'd probably buy a script for a particular merchant.

    However, if I were an affiliate running a number of different sites fit for products of many different merchants, I'd definitely first take advantage of the free dynamic scripts that quite a few merchants nowadays offer for their affiliates. The next step would be getting a copy of WebMerge which isn't that expensive to obtain and not that hard to learn too...

    Just my


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    I don't know why anyone would think they would "get rich" just because they had a datafeed. Perhaps that's because I'm on this side of the datafeeds (I get them). If I thought this and I probably did. I was sorely mistaken. Since the buyer leaves your site, you've got to give them a reason to stay or come back. I also thought (and I do remember this) it would give great SERP. That was a mistake too. I had one site that had no feeds, but a lot of unique content and it wa high up in Yahoo (fell now though).

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