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    Merchants, don't screw around with your program after September 1st
    Ebay wants us all to change out links between now and November 15th. Something like this seems to happen every year, someone decides they need to change thier program in some way, either they are moving to another network, or something like what is happening with ebay and they do it now.

    Why can't these people wait. Once we hit september, I need all my links up and running and ready to make sales. I don't want any changes in programs. Now is not the time to make a radical change in your program. If you need a change, wait until after xmas. Even if I get all the links changed in time, now do I know there isn';t a problem and they'll even track at all. I don't need this aggrivation. So merchants if you can hear me.

    DON'T MAKE ANY MAJOR CHANGES IN YOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM AFTER SEPTEMEBER 1ST. If you must make changes, January is a good time (new year) or spring is a better time (rebirth)


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    What Mike said

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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