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    January 18th, 2005
    Talking Pay Pal Claims Works
    Well I must admit I was a bit concerned that the whole claims process on Pay Pal was going to follow the general legal claims process of "You can claim, but you'd be better of praying!" . But after not receiving a software I ordered and failing to get the offered refund, and then the seller failing to reply to my emails I started a Pay Pal Dispute Resolution, after 5 days the seller had not responded so I escallated to "Claim", 5 days later the seller has not responded to Pay Pal either.... and bingo, my cash is back!

    So Thanks Pay Pal !

    Wanted to share the good news for anyone else who ever has a product issue.


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    I had an issue with an ebay item I never received last fall and after about a month I filed a PayPal claim. Yes, it works!
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    Paypals' claim process is a good one, it's fair, and it works. I didn't receive an order earlier this year and got my money back thanks to Paypal.

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    My partner works for PayPal in one of their call centers. He spent some time in resolutions and tells me all sorts of amazing stories. Ironically, he had to file a claim himself when he purchased something and didn't receive it. In the end, he was able to resolve it before the end of the claim.

    They work hard, and deal with some very "interesting" cases, but really do try to get these kinds of situations resolved fairly.

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    I've initiated 3 claims for eBay items which I never received, everytime I got my money back by following their resolution process. I have no complaints for PayPal, and I would never even *think* of using another payment method for eBay auctions

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    Yes, their claim process is much much better now. They were horrible in the past, for sellers anyway. I had a woman who made a purchase from my site, gave no shipping address and no address with Paypal. I asked her to verify her address with Paypal and email it to me. She didn't understand and filed a claim with Paypal. They froze my entire account until a tracking number or refund was given. My only option was to refund the payment since I had no address to ship to.

    I don't think they freeze your account now, only maybe the funds in dispute. They've come a LONG way from what they used to be like. I use PP for my dropship sites, eBay, Pricegrabber, etc... No problems in quite a long time.

    Their PP debit card is great too. You get 1% put back in your account each time you use it without a PIN. It helps to offset their fees.

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    They were horrible in the past, for sellers anyway.
    For buyers too. I got nailed on a couple of items I bought on ebay.

    On one, the seller sent me a computer without a power cord. It took him about a week to ship the computer and almost a week for me to get it and another week for him to get a new cord to send me. Since he lied and never sent it, there was more waiting and back and forth when I didn't get it. I filed a claim with Pay Pal about 35 days after the initial purchase but Pay Pal denied it because it was past the 30 day filing period. I was like "but I was trying to resolve the issue." They didn't care and I ended up doing a chargeback.

    It was pretty funny because they got mad and were quite nasty about it. They wanted me to send them the computer but they wouldn't pay the shipping costs which would have been about 20% of the cost I spent on the computer. They said they weren't in the shipping business. I said "Like I am??" I ended up getting the money from the chargeback and kept the computer.

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