We are now working towards launching three new programs (all of which will be announced once I'm back from the vacation). They are:

A Video- and Photo- Camera Accessories program. Great for all of you who are already selling cameras of any kind. We're still working on setting the program up and getting the banners ready, but it should be ready shortly.

A Skin Care program. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle masks, lip creams, cleansers and eye treatments, sun protection products, shampoos, conditioners and many other related products from one merchant. Not only for women! They have a whole separate line for men. Great ready...

A Medical Testing program (the merchant sells tests online). New area for us, but we're excited. The products are covering nearly all medical areas (from allergy to thyroid diseases, including cancer detection, gastrointestinal deseases, kidney and liver diseases and many other areas including the STD area where people would prefer to stay anonymous and online shopping for the tests is a great option).

Get ready... It is going to be exciting!