The Leagle Beagle made a very good point at our meeting on Wednesday regarding ANY affiliation you make with any adnetwork or private affiliate program.

Print out the Terms Of Service and read it carefully. If they make a change in their TOS, print that out as well.

Keep a hard copy file of EVERY TOS for every adnetwork and if a private deal the merchant involved.

He also pointed out that if there is a change
in a TOS - it is not retroactive to the beginning of your respective affiliate relation or TOS #1.

As a result, say TOS #1 says one thing and that is changed by TOS #2. Whatever happened between the dates of TOS #1 and TOS #2 cannot be changed just because TOS #2 appeared.

So he made a suggestion that it would be most beneficial to all affiliate types to have an archive of ALL the TOS from the various adnetworks stored on one site.

So if Haiko thinks this is a good idea - I suggest we keep them all here.

For example, there are 6 flavors of CJ TOS.
We post them all in a closed forum where all the ABW members can read them and print them out if you do not already have them. And we do the same for Linkshare, BeFree, Performics, Shareasale etc.

The other really serious point he made was that in court the actual TOS is the governing document, not what is claimed by both sides of any dispute. Proof is hard facts one way or the other that either supports or does not support the actual words in the TOS.

As a result, I think everyone would benefit from a file of the TOS for the adnetworks, since most of the grips - either way are related to who did what to whom - but without the actual TOS sections governing the compliants to back up the claims.

Now if someone has a complaint they can post the complain and the relevant section of the TOS that applies and we won't have everything degenerate into a pissing contest ( which I am most guilty of doing and will hereby cease doing.)

What do you think of this idea?