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    where can I find genuine affiliates directories?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruposhinaree
    where can I find genuine affiliates directories?
    I'm not sure why this question is posted in this thread?

    There is a list of affiliate directory sites (including some "genuine" and some which are not) linked from the bottom of my affiliate-recruitment page, but you'd probably do better to start with the [2003] ABW discussion thread at:

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    Split the drive by thread hijack into it's own topic....
    Deborah Carney

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    What makes a genuine affiliate directory...?

    Have you had trouble with directories where it turned out the whole affiliate thing was just an affectation? Or maybe they weren't directories at all, but just a series of rather poorly organized lists with no real taxononomy whatsoever hiding behind a directory facade?

    It's no wonder. It really is outrageous the number of disingenuous affiliate directories out there. It's the industry's dirty little secret, if you ask me.

    You can't swing a dead cat in this industry without hitting a fake affiliate directory. Time was, you had all the swinging room you could ask for...
    Eathan Mertz

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    I'm still waiting for the convenient follow up post by "another" newbie suggesting their directory...

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