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    Dedicated IPs on Reseller hosting
    Each of my domains has a dedicated IP but are hosted on the
    same reseller hosting account.

    Some of the IPs are NOT from the same group. If one is 200.xx.xx.xx other is 150.xx.xx.xx

    Isn't this considered same as having different host accounts?

    Can I link from one domain(website) to the other(both ways) and not get penalized?

    Any big drawbacks? What about SEO?

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    Different c-classes are a good thing, since the IP is stored with the docID. But probably if there were ever a "hand" check the engines would be able to trace the location of the servers where the sites were hosted, whois info, etc. - for common ownership. Not likely unless they've got a reason to have an actual human check the sites.

    With legit sites it isn't too much of a worry at all, though FWIW mine are legit and about as white hat as it gets, but I'm personally still paranoid enough to want different c-classes for different sites within the same niche.

    Just MHO.

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    I didn't want to lie on all of the sites are registered to me and none private.

    however, the DNS are and none directly with the host DNS

    and none of them same niche...

    3/4 of the sites are data feed..ofcourse description completely changed and page layout changed for every 2 web sites..does this qualify for a "legit" website?

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