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    another thing
    Another thing is i am not even from the states, the lady said that is no problem at all. I can still advertise but i cannot even use and of their advertising things such as door to door marketing or putting things in my newspaper. IN canada we dont even have those satellite companys. And how the heck do i get out of something that i sighned. I was kinda conned into this quickly though. The lady said that i had to make a payment within the next 2 hours or i do not get a call back from this company. I told her that i would have to use my bf's credit card becuase i cant use mine so she told me she would make an exception to me and call me back when he was on his lunch break.

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    Closing this one. One thread about the subject is good, I merged the second one you started, I'm just going to close this third one.

    It's all right here:

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