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    Waste of a good chargeback
    Made a test sale last month for $11.99

    Their website said $11.99. The amil confirmation said $11.99

    And the next day, my credit card was charged $11.99

    Week later they email saying that's the bulk price - if I bought a minimum of 12. - otherwise they need to charge me $24.95

    Since they already billed my charge card... i charged back - and won (although I never heard from anyone)

    last week I made another test sale to see if they changed - everything's still the same.

    Except when I logged onto VISA today, there was another 11.99 credit.

    I figured the merchant said "Oh it's that chargeback guy. let's just cxl his 2nd order and refund"


    Visa just gave me the money - both times - without ever contacting the merchant.

    That's cool, of course.

    But the merchant doesn't even know he's been charged back, and will continue his "The website says one thing, but we bill you another" practice.

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    just want to clarify - as i never heard of this before - VISA gave me the money back out of their own pockets - they never contacted the merchant and got the money back from them

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    I think if you're a good visa customer, and it's a small amount, and you don't make a lot of claims, that visa just does it without questioning the place. I've had that happen before too.. (well not 2 credits).

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    Visa does this a lot, but just an FYI if merchant protest Visa will take the money back.

    Friend of mines (I should say member of my forum) had their credit card stolen and someone made a bunch of metro card purchases from the MTA (NYC Transit).

    When he got his new credit card from Visa he bought his own metro card and for 5 months Visa refunded him the money taken from his card by the MTA automatically.

    MTA finally contacted Visa and they deducted the money from his account. They also threatened him and even contacted me because he had posted about what was happening on my Forum.

    Reminded me of the time the HP tech support guy got fired for a post he made on my site.

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    Chargebacks does not usualy work that way
    I was a merchant for 9+ years.

    Chargebacks are not usualy that simply.

    First they would ask the customer to fill out forms, signed it and fax/send it back to the credit card bank.

    They may issue a PROVISIONAL credit. This credit will appear on your account. Do not be mistaken, this is NOT a permanent credit.

    The merchant usualy will have a chance for a REBUTAL. Basicaly they can write a letter to explain why and their position. It is a basic argument which the credit card bank will decide on their own. Usualy the customer wins most of the time. Most laws are also pro consumers not merchants.

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