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    February 17th, 2006
    Linkshare Form 1099
    Anyone know how I can get another copy of my 1099 from Linkshare? I lost mine and need a replacement. Emails and phone calls are going unanswered.

    Yes, I lose too much stuff - I know ;-)

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    You can only get a copy of the LinkShare 1099 from Linkshare.

    Strange time of year for a 1099 to be floating around.

    Talk to you accountant.

    Lost Checks and a lost 1099..................hmmmmmmmmmm
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    February 17th, 2006
    My accountant is TurboTax.

    And since I feel obligated to respond to your "oh please". I'm buying a new house and the mortgage company requests W2's and 1099's, so I guess it's a strange time of year to be buying a house. I've got a lot more going on than LS, so please excuse me for misplacing things, Mr. Cynical Hmmmmm....

    What a great community.

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    You should contact Affiliate Support at 888-SHARE-89 ext. 644 and they can get you a copy of your 1099. Congrats on the new house!


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    January 18th, 2005
    If you just needed the numbers, you can actually get them from the IRS. I had an issue a couple of years ago where I could not find a 1099 from a merchant who subsequently went out of business. I called the IRS, and after confirming my identity, they were able to provide the missing figures. I'm not sure if they would mail a copy if requested -- I just needed the numbers to complete my return, not a copy of the actual form.

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    Thanks guys - LS told me to email and they'd email me a copy right out. Thanks again!

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