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    A guy walks into a bar for a drink and sits down. As he's enjoying his beer, he notices a piano in the corner playing itself.

    He asks the bartender "hey, is that one of those player pianos?"

    The bartender replies "No".

    The patron replies "Well, I dont see anyone over there. What are you talking about?"

    The bartender insists again that someone is, in fact, playing the piano so the patron walks towards it. As he gets closer he notices an extremely small man playing away.

    "That's incredible! Where did you find him?"

    "About two blocks away, you'll see a store that says 'Genie'. Go inside and he'll grant you any wish that you would like."

    So the patron walks to the Genie shop, goes inside and sees the genie.

    "I will give you whatever you wish!", the genie says.

    "Alright, a millions bucks!" says the patron.

    "It's yours. Your wish will be granted today" replies the genie.

    So, the patron leaves and starts heading back towards the bar. On his way, the sky started getting very dark and a very strange noise was blaring. The patron looked up and millions of ducks were flying overhead, pooping and squawking. The patron runs back to the bar and says to the bartender "That stupid genie! I asked for a million bucks and he gave me a million ducks!"

    The bartender replies "He pal, you think I asked for a ten inch pianist?"
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