How about creating a forum category for people to post their affiliate successes and accomplishments? ie. Leader getting her tight new Mercury could be posted in such an area.

We have so many forums where everyone is just bi*chen and complaining. It would be nice to have one where people can discuss their successes as well. And when you post a success story in the regular forums, you spend a week in the emergency room trying to recover from being shot down by the ABW gangbashers. At least this way, people are knowing what they are going to read before they even click on it. It could be called something like "Affiliate Successes and Accomplishments" or "Affiliate Success Stories". No bashing allowed. LOL!!

I think alot of people do like to read about success stories and accomplishments. I believe it gives people hope to know it has been done by their associates and can be accomplished by them as well.

Just a suggestion. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]