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    is it usually a bad thing when you click on a merhcant's link and a popup appears asking the visiter to sign-up for a newsletter or contest?

    i'm starting to see this a lot more, and i'm wondering how this might affect tracking.


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    I have numerous merchants that have catalogue-request-pops and they convert just fine.

    Would they convert better without? I have no evidence, but I suspect the difference would be minimal if not non-existant.

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    If it's their own popup for a newsletter or similar I don't see it as a problem. If on the other hand they are popping up ads for another site I personally have a problem with that.

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    I think it is tacky. But I am not sure if it is "bad." A lot of people automatically close all popups...and more and more people run programs that prevent popups. Companies that put important information in popups shoot themselves in the foot...for example, Overstock has the coupon information in a popup.

    IMHO: popups are a distraction that gets in the way of a I would think they would decrease conversion rates. I would hope that savvy merchants thoroughly tested the effects of popups before running them.

    I admit, I don't like sending people to sites with popups, and generally avoid running ads for merchants that use popups...but I am an idiot who keeps holding ideals over making sales.

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