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    Floyd/music Site Sale- is this a worthy deal?
    Hey guys.

    I am really interested in this music/Pink Floyd site for sale it recieves over 5000 unique visitors per day. It is a very successful site it appears on the first page of Google for its main keyword. He makes about $500-$1000+ per month with out doing anything. It earns around $1000+ per month when updating.

    It is also comes with a great domain name to sell Pink Floyd merchandise. it also comes with a chat domain too. He offered a high price around $30k but I offered him 28k and he agreed

    This site theme is also a great hobby to me this will be both for fun and to make some good money. I have the confidence to work on this site and do well with selling my own products to make money.

    I have seen all important stats of traffic and earnings. This guy should be earning a lot more with other money-making methods like selling ur own product, but he has not experimented with any other revenue source but adsense

    Is this an interesting possibility?


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    I think that it has great profit potential based on your comments (not to mention a 2 year max ROI) .... best of luck!
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    Is this an interesting possibility?
    I think so, nice site, good page rank, steady traffic.
    The site could be making much more if you have enough fresh info to update it often.

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    To my mind that sounds a great opportunity for yourself and the seller, Buy it now. Pink Floyd obviosuly aren't a current search trend, and will do really well on the long tail of search so will do you well for years to come.

    But also this will give the seller a big cash boost to move on to their next project. Even in the same arena, they could start bulding a simiar site around U2, Yes, The Beales, The Stones. Or they could easily transfer their skills to a new area such as movies while you are ramping up the ante on the Pink Floyd site.

    Simply put moving from an adsense CPC model to an affiliate model, done properly, should put this through the roof.

    Money ! Ching ching cha cha ching ching.

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    Floyd has been one of my favorite bands that I have followed (worshipped?) since my teens. There are only a handful of PF sites that are business oriented, and thousands of fan sites. Even most of the professional PF sites are not updated regularly.

    With DVDs / CDs still coming out - the latest being a must watch Pulse DVD, and Dark Side still a hot seller (CD/ SACD), a well designed site with frequent news, views and content update will surely be a good business investment.

    As maskschok mentioned above, diversifying into other bands (Stones, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Beatles) and merchandise (books, t-shirts) etc can greatly increase conversion.

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