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    CJ Payments
    Just wondering how some adver payout in cj?

    I publish for say a loan company that pay 20 a lead . now in my cj account i see i get paid everyday for a few leads; my account updates every day.

    Now for another comany i just started to publsih for i do not see this; i see the clicks but no payment, could this be that this compay only pays out at the end of the month and you well see the commisions earnd at the end of the month ?

    Asking this becasue i am buying some high ppc words ; if the compay doesnt pay tell the end of the month its hardd to know if the ppc is working or not for this adver.

    any one have any idea's about this.


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    Go to the advertisers terms and see if it says Batch
    If it says batch it may not update on orders until they run the batch.

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    Batch Process Transactions: No

    i guess it means my PPC champagne is not working darn ; I was hoping it was some kind of end of the month payment.

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