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    Question About Starting Web Coding
    Hey all, after lounging around this website for some time, I have realized I need to learn how to make a website, so I went to to learn. I just read their html tutorial and started writing some html code of my own in Notepad, and I got some free webspace on Cafe Networks, but I cannot figure out how to transfer this html code I have written over to that webspace to make my webpage. I figure the only way I will learn how to make good websites is to practice using the code to build the site, but I need to be able to transfer the code.

    I read about using FTP, and I downloaded the trial version of Ipswitch and FTP Commander, but I just can't figure out how to get my Notepad file of html code to transfer via FTP to my webspace.

    As far as I can tell, I typed in the web space/server address and went to it in the FTP server, then transfered my Notepad file over to it, but still nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    I know this won't help but is there a reason not to use HomeSite or Dreamweaver as your FTP client...not that I like Dreamweaver for FTP a whole bunch...DW 8 has a weird bug I think that causes it to not connect at random.
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    Mr. Wheels,

    Let's try small steps first. Once you have the HTML in the notepad the way you want it just test it on your local machine first. Open up the .htm or .html file in your your web browser. This should be happening by double clicking on it. This way you can play with your design skills on your local machine, no FTP needed.

    1. WHen you are ready to start with FTP make sure you have a server name, a userid and a password.

    2. Personally I'd suggest getting filezilla for an FTP client. Very free. Very easy.

    3. No matter which client you use you will have to define a location to FTP to. Once that is defined and you connect you should see a list of files on the other computer/web server. Sometimes you will have to go one directory deep (like into a folder called public_html).

    4. You should be able to select the file you want to FTP up, click on transfer someplace, watch it move over, and then see it on the server in the FTP program. I know on Filezilla the local files are on the left and the remove files are on the right. You should see the file appear on the right side.

    5. Lets assume your file is firsttry.html. You should then be able to go to your free website at cafe networks and type in "" to see your file.

    The best place for FTP questions to a specific host is at that host. Cafe networks will be able to solve any issues faster than anybody here. They appear to have their own forums at:

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    I have used ws-ftp for 10+ years, works like a charm.

    Some other folks here recommended SmartFTP or Cute-FTP,
    these are FREE programs (i think), but I am sure they are pretty good.
    They have been recommended many times.

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    I see, thanks for the information guys. Patrick, yeah I kinda picked up on the just using the computer to view my html skills, which is what I will work on doing for the time being until I get my FTP going. I'll check out filezilla and cuteFTP too. I checked smartFTP but it looked like you could only download a trial version of it, that it wasn't fully free, but now I'm wondering if that's just a mistake on my part since every website and person say it's free.

    Thanks for the information though everyone, I appreciate it.

    BTW, the "Cafe Networks" I am talking about is actually at There was some confusion about this with someone else, too, apparently two sites go by the same name.


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    IE for GUI FTP, NcFTP for command-line FTP
    Internet Explorer doubles as an FTP client

    I personally prefer Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer for pretty much everything. But if you're looking for a quick FTP connection to a server and you're running Windows you can just open Internet Explorer and type in the following URL format:


    What this gives you is a familiar Windows Explorer interface that you can drag and drop your files to (and from). You can also bookmark this link for future use. Note however that the password will not be saved in the bookmark. You'll have to either re-enter the password each time or manually re-enter it into the bookmark URL field after the bookmark has been created.

    For command-line use NcFTP

    My personal favorite FTP client is NcFTP which is a command-line interface with familiar *nix commands built in. Aside from tab-complete (which absolutely rocks) it has the following functions available:

    ncftp> help
    Commands may be abbreviated.  'help showall' shows hidden and unsupported
    commands.  'help <command>' gives a brief description of <command>.
    ascii      cat        help       lpage      open       quote      site
    bgget      cd         jobs       lpwd       page       rename     type
    bgput      chmod      lcd        lrename    pdir       rhelp      umask
    bgstart    close      lchmod     lrm        pls        rm         version
    binary     debug      lls        lrmdir     put        rmdir
    bookmark   dir        lmkdir     ls         pwd        set
    bookmarks  get        lookup     mkdir      quit       show
    You're probably not ready for NcFTP yet, but when you get tired of switching back and forth between command line and GUI environments remember to check NcFTP out. And becoming a web developer, you will almost certainly find yourself on a command line sooner or later. =)


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