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    AvantLink Free Tools: Product Display Builder
    Hello Everyone,

    We would like to introduce a powerful upgrade and name change to the Dynamic Product Showcase (DPS) tool. With this upgrade we've added an html generator option for product content. The Product Display Builder (PDB) is now integrated in the AvantLink tool center! Note that with this upgrade and name change all former DPS subscriptions are still valid and functional.

    In the new PDB tool upgrade, the configuration option for static HTML has been included to the current JavaScript or RSS options. Now Affiliates can easily make a page or block of related product content for their site(s). Product displays can be saved as subscriptions in AvantLink, allowing easy access for future changes.

    Site applications for the PDB tool include...
    • Publish static targeted product content to the web
    • Publish spiderable and dynamic product content to the web
    • Using RSS, syndicate your product content links on the web

    To use the Product Display Builder follow these steps:

    1. Login to your Affiliate account at Click 'Tools'
      from the main menu. Once in the tool center, under 'Product Display
      Builder' select the 'Create a new Product Display' link.
    2. Select your integration method then begin configuration of your
      product display by following the steps. There are 'Help' notes at
      every stage.
    3. Once you select the merchant for the showcase you are configuring,
      you'll be asked to Filter By Category in addition to other options
      like number of products, low price limit, high price limit, show
      product images, etc.

    Visit For more information on the Affiliate Product Display Builder.


    Gary & AvantLink

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    Thank you for making the html option Will probably change all of em in time to that but changed a couple of links last night. psssst. I'm able to easily change all the color of the text and even added a bunch of my own text now, too It all blends in now naturally looking and like the html opposed to javascript. Thank you very much I really like this tool and how it looks natural on a page.

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    purplebear, You're welcome! Glad it helped you out and looks good on your site pages.. I'll have to check them out. Gary M

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