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    Pop-under ad users may soon have to pay

    I wonder how much they will actually get? Har-Har! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Didja know I invented the wheel in a past life and I registered a patent in an alternate universe?
    Everyone who owns a car, bike, lawnmower, etc owe me royalties!

    What a f---ing joke!

    I think this calls for a boycott of ExitExchange...I think I'll email 'em when I take 'em off the one site I use their useless service on.

    I don't know who's more idiotic...the person who approved the patent, or this company claiming they own the rights to one of the most common things on the web.

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    I was thinking of running a CPM program on but I don;t know now. Ater a year, " you owe us $37,500."!!

    Does it exclude Pop-Ups?

    Funny story about 5 months ago before I have ever heard of CJ, FastClick, AFfiliate networks. Late at night I thought what if their was a way to create something that dispalys adds on my affiliates, then i would get a cut from advertisers. I was sooo excited I went on-line to talk to my webmaster to talk about design, domain, whatnot.(Though I was going to be rich) Would you know it their are hundreds of them!
    I think I should do the same thing. Seriously is an Affiliate Network patiened?

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    Nathan, ph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netaht\

    [cut and paste the entire url]

    [added cut and paste]

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