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    Thanks, Fred: I read them. They actually were a good, quick read.

    They reminded me incredibly of folks here, especially Leader and Cedric.

    Claude says nothing about most folks needing to see an ad 6 times. In fact he emphasizes that you've got one chance to "talk" to your reader.

    And he never rambles.

    Plus I bought the book on my own affiliate link [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] .

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    Where can I buy that book?

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    Amazon for one.

    But someone on these boards mentioned there's a free ebook out there somewhere on the net. You might want to try to find it if you don't mind e-books. I have a thing for having a book I can haul to bed, read while bathing the kids, and other places that I escape to when the monitor gets to be too much.

    It really was a quick read. I enjoyed it.

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    You are welcome.

    Claude has some good stuff and it still works even if it is 70+ years old.

    Claude never knew about the branding studies as they were done by Olgivy in the late 60's and he was writing copy for St. Peter by then.

    Try your local Library, they may have it. If not, you can buy it for $5 at build referrals and get 200 other ebooks in the process.

    Another real good one about advertising is Alan Says' book on writing copy.

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    I have that ebook and a couple of others free for download just let me know if you want a copy..

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