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    Google Indexing Flash - Is This New?
    Christian Ministries International seems to be breaking all the SEO rules and is well indexed. It's not black hat stuff, but techniques that don't supposedly work with the search majors.

    Google has 169 pages indexed for them with 8 out of the first 10 indexed Flash pages like /donations.swf and /links.swf. They are supplemental after result 11. Their top 10 pages have no text nor Meta Description and yet they are indexed. If interested MSN has indexed 277 and Y 51. I don't know how the site ranks for any keywords, but the fact that they were indexed so well with this type of site amazed me.

    For a real eye opener do a View Source on one of the .swf pages that Google has indexed. That's not supposed to be the kind of code that G likes.
    Here is an excerpt:

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    This isn't particularly new, though as you can see, it is not foolproof.

    Google is getting good at indexing all sorts of code like php, aspx, java and the like. It's only natural that flash and actionscript would be there too. Still, even they reccommend for SEO purposes plain text and HTML is still the gold standard.

    Jason Rosenbaum
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    I was curious also, how are server side scripting languages like php and asp different from html as far as a search engine bot is concerned while it crawls your webpage?

    I mean, if the scripting is rendered before the page even loads then what does it matter? It still renders as html once the browsers loads the page.

    As far as flash is concerned though, I don't know much about flash programming. However, I do know that you can use php, html, asp, xml, communicate with flash programming. Maybe there's also a way to improve SEO using the same type of technology or something similar. Just a thought.
    [FONT=Verdana]Chris Gates[/FONT]

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    As to how search engines see these types of programming specifically, well that's anyone's guess.

    The best idea for visualization can be given by a text only browser such as Linx:

    But you'll have to ask Google for specifics...Good luck!

    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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    If you look a bit closer you'll see that these swf files are not the complete page. Index ...Yes...correctly?...Not, unless you like to see the flash raw and outside the intended delivery zone. Flash does allow for some input as to keywords and such, which might be the description you see listed

    What I've seen google do is index flash as a page in itself much like they will a framed page.

    php is fine prolly asp too, but try to use rewrites to avoid symbols like "&" and the ever nasty "?"

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    I do find it very interesting that Google is beginning to index SWF content, but it's not new technology. You can use almost any *nix server to pull this data out of a swf file with the "strings" command. Here's an example of what I was able to extract from by uploading the SWF to the server and typing:

    strings resources.swf
    This gave me a LOT of output, but the human readable lines were as follows:

     album answers frequently asked questions like: What about evolution and dinosaurs? Is there scientific evidence for creation and the flood of Noah? How old is the earth? Aren
     album deals with questions many Christians wonder about, such as:  Is there a difference between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity? Is Freemasonry compatible with being a Christian? Is the Health, wealth, and prosperity gospel, often preached on television, Biblical? Can a Christian practice Yoga? What does the Bible say about Reincarnation? Is there Biblical meditation? What is New Age Spirituality? And many other questions.
     album gives the Christian Biblical response to the 
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     of today. You will learn how to share your faith and respond with truth and grace when Mormons and Jehovah
     there would come many false Christ
    . They are also excellent evangelistic tools to share with friends who are searching for answers to these various questions.
    . You will learn how to loving and effectively share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and neighbors who may be caught up in the false teachings of Cults, World Religions and Evolution. They will stimulate both the mind and heart as you grow in your understanding of the firm foundation, philosophically, historically, scientifically, and Biblically that we have as Christians.
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    You can do this to any SWF file or other binary file that stores ascii content. I imagine this is similar to how they're pulling their content out.

    What I find funny is that in the past everyone stored text directly in the SWF. And while that content was available Google wasn't spidering it. Now everyone is linking to external text (via XML, Web services, etc). So Google is finally starting to spider SWFs but now they're empty.


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